Thursday, August 26, 2010

An Awful, Ahistorical Account

Born Benjamin, bright Boston's bulky boy
Commandingly came courting countries' change
Did destiny decline? Did death destroy?
Ethereal, eschewed 'e Earth's exchange

For further — fifty fathoms — Franklin flew
Gargantuan, gouged George (God's glorified)
He hurdled Heaven's high hullaballoo
'is independence it inspired inside

Jejune, Judge John Jay jeer├Ęd joyfully
Kept kinship kindled, killed King's knowing knights
Less lethal letters lashed lads' loyalty
More minions marched, made Massachusetts' might

(Need narrative net nuance? Nail named's node:
Of oozing offal, or odiferous ode?)

1 comment:

  1. This limerick lacks the five lines
    And it has the wrong placement of rhymes
    I won't drag it thru the mud,
    But this limerick's a dud
    And would best be recited by mimes.